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Deferred Payments

Also called "Buy/Rent Now & Pay Later". This is an option most frequently used by students waiting on financial aid. At no extra cost, it allows students to get their materials when they need them without funds, and then pay for the materials once their funds are available. The payment date is set each semester. All that we need is a credit card to have as collateral. No charge will be made on the account until the agree upon payment date. On that day, credit cards will be charged for the full amount owed unless other payment has been made on the account beforehand. All purchases made with the deferred option are real purchases and by using the deferred option customers are agreeing to pay in full for all materials acquired through this payment method.

Not picking up books ordered under the "store pickup option" does not excuse the charges owed on the account. Books purchased under this option are still the responsibility of the purchasing customer.